Welcome Back to S'MOre Happiness

Version 2

Welcome back to S'MOre Happiness! Over the past few months I have been rethinking the direction I would like to take my blog in. Ever since I started blogging, I wanted to create a space that matched the vision I had in my head. As you may know, I started S'MOre Happiness on WordPress in June of 2014. I changed the design of the site three times, before deciding to make the switch to Squarespace.

I am very excited to share the new S'MOre Happiness! I couldn't be happier. Having a space on the Internet that matches my aesthetic and dreams makes me very inspired. I will now be posting blogs every Sunday and Wednesday. I'll be sharing recipes, book reviews, style guides, travel diaries, and post-grad adventures.

I am thrilled to announce that I have started a newsletter! I'd love to share weekly inspiration and exclusive content with you.

Another big change that I am excited about is my YouTube channel! Each Saturday, I will be sharing new videos about my adventures in post-grad life. So far, I have uploaded my first two vlogs about my recent trip to Ogunquit, Maine.

Thank you for joining me on the continuation of my blogging adventure! I hope that S'MOre Happiness inspires you to live a positive, happy life.

xo, SO

I hope S'MOre Happiness inspires you to lead a positive, happy life. | Lifestyle Blogger | Happiness | Positivity