How to Stay Motivated


What motivates you to set goals and actually achieve them? How often does a new year, month, or Monday come around where you set lofty goals for yourself, but a few days, weeks, or months later you forget about them?

I'm going to be honest right now and say that I do not remember my New Year Resolutions. I am sure that I have a blog post about setting them, but do I remember what they are 7 months later? No! Do you know what though? I am not upset at myself for not remembering. The reason I most likely don't remember is because they are not as important to me now as they were then. That's ok! 

Since January, I have set other goals for myself, many of which involve this blog and my YouTube channel. I really want to inspire you to lead a positive, happy lifestyle and motivate you to achieve your dreams. 

Do you know what I have found to be the most motivating factor in my life? It is actually wanting something so badly that you are willing to work hard to achieve those goals. It is setting action items to help you reach your dreams. It is connecting with other likeminded people who support and encourage you along the way. 

The other night, I sat down wanting to create something extremely inspirational and motivating for you. I came up with two freebies - a motivational poster and a goal-setting agenda worksheet. How awesome would it be if we work on the agenda together? I would love to be your accountability buddy. If you download the freebies, tweet me or tag me on Instagram and we can work on the worksheet together!  

I want to leave you thinking about this: What does your dream life look like? How are you going to work hard to stay motivated, set action items, and achieve your goals? 

xo, SO

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