Positive Vibes

Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes

Sometimes we all can be stuck in a rut of negative thoughts and feeling that things will never change. It can be hard not knowing when you'll get a job, meet that amazing guy, get into your dream school. I think that while those feelings can be valid, it is important to continue living your life and when the right job, person, or school comes along, you'll know.

I've been stuck in a rut before and wanted to share some tips for how to cheer yourself up!

  1. Listen to some upbeat, fun music. It can be all to easy to sit in a slump and listen to depressing music. Instead, listen to some upbeat music. Have a dance party (of one) in your room and laugh at yourself.
  2. Write down what you're thankful for/reasons to be happy. The other day, I decided to write what I'm thankful for on a post-it and stick it on my mirror. I also wrote down: "Stop worrying about what could go wrong and focus on what can go right."
  3. Realize that life is filled with unknowns, so enjoy life and the right opportunities will come along. Don't sit around waiting for your life to change. Live your life in the moment and have fun with the people you love.
  4. Workout! Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins. Need I say more?
  5. Talk to a friend about how you're feeling & do something fun together. It's not healthy to keep how you're feeling to yourself. Share your thoughts over a cup of tea with a friend. They can give you some advice, be a listening ear, and plan something fun to do together.
  6. Take care of yourself. Have a spa night, paint your nails, and put on a facial. Relax with a candle and your favorite movie or book!
  7. Meditate. I love the app Smiling Minds and need to use it more. This will help you focus on your breathing and calm you down.
  8. Make a plan for change. Nothing changes if you do nothing about it. If you want a great job, keep learning new skills and apply! If you want to find someone, do activities that you enjoy and the right person will come along. If you want to get into your dream school, do well in school and participate in extracurricular activities!

I hope that these tips help you stay positive and live in the moment! What do you do to get out of a rut?

xo, SO 

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