March Goals

March Goals
March Goals

Each month, when I remember, I love to think of a few things I can focus on. I like setting goals because they inspire me to be the best version of myself. I get the opportunity to look at my life see what I have struggled with and make a point to resolve it. I've written about the upcoming change I have in my life with graduating college and finding a job. No surprise, but some of the goals that I have on the list reflect that change. Without further ado, here are my March goals.

  • Trust My Instincts: This year, I've faced a lot of challenges and have had moments where I second-guess my decision. I want to stop that and be more confident in what my instincts are telling me. If I am uncomfortable in a situation or feel as though someone doesn't have my best interest in mind, I want to feel comfortable with my decision to walk away.
  • Be at Peace: As a college senior, I am constantly questioning where my life will be. I want to instead be at peace with where my life is now. Of course, I will still be applying to jobs, finishing up course work, and planning for the future. However, I want to be at peace with the uncertainty. I want to look at the openness of the future as a positive thing, instead of one as a source of anxiety.
  • Take More Photos/Save for a DSLR: For the past two years, I did a photo-a-day challenge. I love capturing memories and beautiful moments in pictures. I think that they are an awesome way to look back and smile at where you have been. This year, I stopped the photo-a-day and haven't been taking as many pictures. I want to capture fun times, cool places, and the people I love spending time with. I also want to save for a DSLR camera because I want to get more serious about taking photos. I think it will be awesome to have higher quality photos featured on S'MOre Happiness.

Do you like to make monthly goals?

xo, SO