5 Fun Things to Do this Winter

5 Fun Things to Do this Winter
5 Fun Things to Do this Winter

It's a month after the holidays and the cold weather can bring some winter blues into your life. I think that each season brings a variety of fun activities that are particular to that season only. Take advantage of winter's activities & make this cold season enjoyable.

1. Go Ice Skating

Grab some friends or that special someone and have a blast skating around. Ice skating brings back some really awesome memories for me, so it is always fun to do it.

2. Celebrate Valentine's Day

Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine's Day is a fun excuse to eat a ton of chocolate and hang out with the people you love.

3. Have a movie night 

Sure, this activity can apply to any season. However, there is something about having a movie night in the winter cuddled up under a blanket with some hot chocolate or tea.

4. Go Skiing, Snowboarding, or Tubing 

I used to go skiing when I was younger and I loved it. Venture out to some slopes and have fun.

5. Play in the Snow 

You don't have to be a child to play in the snow. Grab some friends and make some snow angels, build a snowman, or have a snowball fight.

What do you like doing in the winter?

xo, SO