How to Effectively Plan Your Week!


I love planning and organization! I think that keeping a planner is a great way to stay on track and help you achieve your goals. Try to remember not to get too carried away with actually planning things that you forget to live in the moment and actually do the steps to reach your goals. I always enjoy reading blogs and watching videos about organization and effectively planning your week, so I figured I would dedicate today's blog post to the subject.

  1. Goal Planing. At the beginning of every week, month, and year, I like to sit down and think about what my goals are. This could be anything from long-term yearly goals to short-term daily goals, however, I think that it is important to figure out where you want to be by this time next week, month, or year.
  2. Break down your goals into action steps. Once you have a clear understanding of your goals, think about the action steps you need to take in order to achieve them. This will help you plan out the following days/weeks/months.
  3. Big picture items. If I know that I have a big event or appointment, it's the first thing I'll write down in my monthly/daily view in my planner. This will ensure that I don't forget about it and it will help me plan my other tasks around that.
  4. Reasonable daily plan. We can all get carried away with stuffing our days with tasks and assignments that we don't think about if we can actually achieve it all in one day. Before writing down your daily to-do list, think about if you are setting yourself up for failure. Try to plan out tasks that you know you can accomplish in that day and don't forget to leave some room for fun, spontaneous adventures.
  5. Don't be too rigid. Sometimes, the best laid plans go awry, it's okay! Don't be too hard on yourself if you didn't accomplish your entire to-do list or reach your goal by your personal deadline. Life happens, you'll get the tasks done eventually.

Hope these tips helped! P.S. I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel, I'd love if you check it out and let me know what you think :)

Happy planning!

xo, SO