How to Stay Positive in a Negative Environment

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One of the toughest things that I've encountered in my life is staying positive in a negative environment. Whether it be mean girls in high school or a tough roommate situation in college or at work, it can be hard staying positive when everyone around you is so negative. Despite the challenging aspect of these situations, I've found that I have grown the most through experiencing them.

It can be easy to say just think positive, and you'll be positive in all areas of your life. But what happens when the environment you are in isn't all that positive? How can you remain positive? The answer for me has been that sometimes I do and sometimes the environment gets to me too much.

Here's what I've discovered helps, but please let me know if other tips help you!

1. Step back from the situation and remember that it does not define who you are.

When we are in a negative environment for a while or around negative people, it can be easy to start thinking negatively. Once you start to realize that is what is happening, step back from the situation and remember that the people you are with or the environment you are spending your time in, does not define you. Then, you can start implementing the tips below.

2. Create a positive space for yourself.

When the environment or the people you need to spend time with aren't positive, create a positive space for yourself. For me, this looks like having pictures of my family and friends nearby, displaying positive quotes, and listening to uplifting music. If I don't have space for that or need an extra reminder, I like wearing a Little Words Project bracelet to help me think positively. 

3. Make a mood-boosting favorites playlist.

Put on your mood-boosting favorites playlist whenever you start feeling down or get into a negative funk and dance it out to uplift your spirits. I created one a few months ago and found that it helps when I'm looking to get back into a positive mood and be happy.

4. Take some time out of your week to practice self-care.

It can be hard when you spend so much time in a situation that is negative because it can be draining. I started implementing self-care Sundays to help me start my week off on a positive note. I also enjoy taking time at the end of each day to do something that makes me happy. For me, that's blogging, doing Zumba, journaling, hand-lettering, taking pictures, vlogging, and spending time with Travis and Penny. 

5. Remember that you are enough.

When we are around negative people or in a negative environment for too long, we might start feeling like we are less than other people. That couldn't be further from the truth. You are enough. Don't let anyone's negativity dim your brightness. 

I hope these tips help! Please share anything else that you have found works for you; I'm still learning too :)