25 Before 25

25 Before 25 | things to do before turning 25 | goals | post grad life | twenties goals | lifestyle goals | smore happiness

I'm officially 24 years old! I celebrated my birthday with family on Friday and honestly can't believe I'm one year away from 25. It's the year my parents had me, and while there's nothing wrong with having kids at 25 if that is your life path, it feels super young for me. I love making lists and thought it would be fun to do a 25 before 25. I'll report back on this post frequently to keep track of where I am with each item. 

1. Stop caring what other people think.

2. Spend less time on my phone and more making memories, crafting, reading, and living. 

3. Create a personal style.

4. Travel somewhere new with Travis.

5. Create a budget.

6. Make a new friend.

7. Vlog more -- in public too!

8. Reconnect with an old friend.

9. Say no to things that don't make me happy.

10. Realize that I hold the power to control my emotions and reactions to different situations.

11. Practice patience.

12. Continually practice Greek.

13. Pick a charity to donate to.

14. Find a cause to volunteer for.

15. Host a game night.

16. Try meditation (again). 

17. Film one second every day.

18. Maintain a bullet journal.

19. Journal weekly on Saturdays or Sundays.

20. Write Travis a love note each month.

21. Create career goals. 

22. Blog twice a week.

23. Renovate the house.

24. Become financially independent (start paying for phone bill & car insurance).

25. Live in the moment and don't wish my life away. 

Have you created a list like this before?