Post-Grad Life: One Year Later

Post-Grad- One Year Later
Post-Grad- One Year Later

Wow - where has time gone? I am just about one year out of college and this year has had its fair share of challenges, adventures, and fun. As I predicted, adjusting to life outside of college would be quite the transition. I figured, I would do a one year life update to show seniors in college preparing to graduate, that life can actually be better once you leave the comforts of your campus.

To be honest, it took me a while to be comfortable enough to say that. However, yesterday, Travis & I drove through our old campus and we both said while we were leaving that we were so happy to be done and would not want to go back to college. I really have been trying to stay in the present moment and appreciate everything. So, I thought I would share some of the best things about post-grad life with you.

  • Freedom. There is a lot more freedom that is rewarded to you once you graduate your university. You get to pick the things you want to learn and when you do so.
  • NO homework. One thing I definitely do not miss about college is the homework. Having weekends and breaks free from doing work is AMAZING!
  • Home cooked meals. By the time I was a senior in college, I was so sick of disgusting dining hall food. As a post-grad you can have fun experimenting with different recipes in the kitchen.
  • Fun experiences. If you graduated from college and started a new job shortly after, you will quickly find that you have money to have fun experiences. Go on spontaneous adventures and have fun with the people that you love.
  • Build your professional life. Working in an office for 40+ hours a week is definitely a bit different that your typical college schedule. As a young professional, you have the entire world open for you. It is up to you to decide what opportunities you will pursue and where your career path will lead you.

While post-grad life can sound a bit scary to your average college student, it has actually been an amazing year. I am looking forward to all of the wonderful possibilities ahead and sharing it all with you.

xo, SO 

Post-Grad Life-One Year Later Pin
Post-Grad Life-One Year Later Pin
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