Tips for Your Job Search

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The future depends on what you do today.
— Mahatma Gandhi

I remember the first time I searched for internships in social media, marketing, and communications while in college. I just applied to numerous companies and didn’t keep track of them! This led to a bit of confusion on my part when a company reached out to me, as I wasn’t sure if I had applied or when I did. I also wouldn’t keep track of where I was in the process with certain companies, so it would be hard to remember when to follow-up.

Going into my first post-grad job search as a senior in college, I knew I wanted to stay organized. (btw: this post is the second one in my Job Search series, be sure to check out the other posts if you are job hunting!) Since then, I have followed these organization tips in the two job searches that preceded, and they really help!

Create a spreadsheet

I found that the best way to organize the different companies and positions I am applying to is with a spreadsheet. This could be through Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, etc. The benefits of this are getting to see where you are in the process at a quick glance, and it allows you to see which companies you’ve applied to already, which helps if there are multiple positions at one company that you are interested in. Plus, it is easy to update!

Customize to match your needs

You can make the spreadsheet as fun and colorful as you’d like or keep it simplistic. The important thing is that it contains the information you need. The headers I’ve used in the top row are:

  • Company

  • Position

  • Location

  • Job Posting Link

  • Date Found

  • Date Applied

  • Notes

The reason why I differentiate the date found and date applied is because sometimes I would look for jobs in one day, but not have time to apply to them all. This just helped me see when I applied to all of the jobs I found. The notes section allows me to write what’s going on with the process and take note if a recruiter contacted me back, I had an interview, an offer was extended, etc. Feel free to update the headers to match your needs.

Save in a “Jobs App” folder

Now, if you haven’t created one yet, I highly suggest you create a “Jobs App” folder. In it should be copies of your resume, cover letters, and this spreadsheet. I love having a clean desktop and sorting files so that I can spend less time finding what I need and more time actually doing the thing I need to be doing, like applying to jobs!

Open it up every time you apply to jobs

You know that thing that you spend a long time on, let’s say decorating a planner or buying a new notebook, only to have it sit on your shelf unused. Don’t let this spreadsheet turn into that! I promise that while a bit tedious at first, you will appreciate knowing where you are in the job process and if you’ve already applied to that role that you see for the second time.

Good luck and stay confident, you’ve got this!