My Planning Process

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It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

A few weeks ago I shared how to find the right planner for you, and my planner lineup for 2019. If you can’t tell by that post or my Instagram page, I’m kind of obsessed with planning. Now, I know planning only takes you so far, you actually have to do what you write out, otherwise what you want to happen won’t.

I thought it would be fun to share my planning process and what I’ve learned helps me actually accomplish what is on my personal to-do list. Now I have a few different ways of planning, but I figured it would be best to share what I do under a few different circumstances.

If I have one hour or more to plan…

  • Grab a piece of notebook paper and sketch out the layout of the planner

  • Beneath the sketch, write out my goals for the week, appointments, tasks, etc.

  • Figure out where I want to lay the stickers and what I will use the boxes for

  • Take out my supplies (sticker books, washi tape, pens)

  • Start decorating and writing in the plans I know about

If I have thirty minutes or less to plan…

  • Take out my supplies (sticker books, washi tape, pens)

  • Think about the plans for the week quickly

  • Start decorating and writing in the plans I know about

If I don’t know what is going on in the week…

  • I’ll think about how I want to utilize the space in my planner, and maybe go a bit sticker heavy if I think I won’t have as much planned in the week

  • Typically, in this scenario, I’ll just write my plans in the day of as I’ll have a better understanding of what I’d like to get done

If I have deliverables I need to accomplish/appointments scheduled in the week…

  • In this situation, I won’t use as many stickers, but will definitely throw in a motivational quote sticker..or two

  • I will either write down everything I need to get done on a half-sheet and plan what I’ll be doing off of that list on the day of, or I will just write the plans directly in the box on the Saturday or Sunday that I’m decorating

Most weeks I just have 20-30 minutes to decorate and plan, and I vary between knowing what I’d like to get done and planning day-by-day. How do you like to plan?