How to Prepare for Time Out of Office

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Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.
— Hilary Clinton

Taking some time out of the office is essential to your wellbeing, and believe it or not your productivity! Put aside the feelings of guilt because your work will be there for you when you return. Before heading out of the office, there are a few things that you should do to prepare to ensure that any responsibilities you have are covered. Plus, prepping a bit before you head out means that things will be more organized when you return, and who doesn’t want that to happen?!

Connect with your manager.

About two weeks before your vacation, set-up some time to remind your manager about your upcoming time out of office and ask if there are any tasks they would like you to complete before heading out. Doing so ensures that you are on the same page and gives you the time to complete any deliverables they need to be done.

Provide a status report to key stakeholders.

If you are in the middle of a few different projects that will not be completed before you head out, create a detailed status report and send to key project stakeholders. This could be done about a week before you leave as it gives everyone enough time to review and ask you any questions.

Finalize any last minute projects.

Anything you can do to make your return a lot easier, you should. Run through your to-do list and finalize anything that you can. It’s good to close out on a few things, and you will feel accomplished and productive.

Notify coworkers.

A few days to a week before you head out, notify your coworkers of your scheduled vacation. They may have some things they need your assistance with, and it’s good to give them some notice.

Make a to-do list for when you return.

After a few days to weeks out of the office, you most likely will not remember what you should be focusing on when you return. Take some time before going on your adventure or staycation to make a to-do list of action items and deliverables that need to be completed when you return. Make some notes on the status of some items so that you can remember who to check-in with when you return to see if it was completed.

Set an out of office email response.

Don’t forget to set an out of office email response that includes the date you will be returning!

Have fun, relax, and enjoy your time out of the office!