How to Personalize a Space

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Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.
— Nate Berkus

When you move back home after college, it can be quite the wake up call, especially when seeing friends and acquaintances moving in and personalizing their apartments. No matter the reason for going back to your childhood bedroom, you have one huge benefit, and that is saving money. Just because you are in your childhood room, doesn’t mean that it still needs to look the same. Here are some of my tips for personalizing your childhood room and updating it to your style today.

Update the bedding

The first thing you typically see when walking into a bedroom is obviously the bed. So, to make a huge impact, switch up your bedding and/or add new decorative pillows! You can spend as much or as little as you’d like, but find something that matches your style now and you’ll find a newfound appreciation for your room.

When I first moved back home, I got $50 bedding from TJ Maxx, it lasted about a year before getting messed up. So, I splurged a bit on my second set of bedding, a down comforter and quilt from Macy’s. Now, it’s hard to get out of bed each morning because I’m so cozy! I gathered up some of my favorite bedding options below, but make sure you select something that you like.

Select new artwork and décor

Chances are you’ve had the same artwork in your bedroom that your parents selected for you when you were five. Before I revamped my childhood bedroom, I had baby photos of myself on the wall. Those were the first to go! I love going down the artwork aisles in TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, and Home Goods because there are so many fun pieces that are cheap.

Rearrange or purchase new furniture

If you aren’t happy with the layout of your room, try rearranging it a bit. It’s crazy what moving certain furniture out of your room or in a different spot does for the space. I got rid of a few pieces in my room that didn’t need to be there anymore and it opened the space up a lot. I’m also considering updating my dresser to match my style today.

how to personalize a space | room decor | bedroom furniture | s'more happiness

Furniture details


Painting is a relatively low cost, albeit time consuming way, to update your space. Pick a color that makes you feel relaxed, your room should be an after-work sanctuary for you.