How to Find the Right Planner

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A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I remember the first time I saw a planner/agenda in New York Minute with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I thought it was so cool to have something to keep track of everything going on in my life. I was in fourth grade when that movie came out, and there wasn’t much to keep track of as a ten-year old besides homework. Each year, my school would give us a standard planner for us to use to keep track of assignments. In tenth or eleventh grade, there were rumors that we weren’t going to be getting a planner that year. So, I went to Target with my mom and discovered the planner section. I was SO excited! I picked out one with flowers on the cover and it had plenty of space to write. Suffice to say, we did end up getting the school-issued planner, but I stuck with my Target pick because it was cuter!

Now, anytime I pass a planner, or any stationery really, I stop and page through it. I have used planners from Blue Sky, Lily Pulitzer, Sugar Paper Los Angeles, Day Designer, and finally The Happy Planner. Each planner served a specific purpose, most were to keep track of school assignments in high school and college. They were perfect for making to-do lists and just basic planning. I used a Day Designer last year for work, and while I liked the layout of each day having a separate page, it wasn’t colorful!

Enter The Happy Planner. I discovered it on Instagram and thought it looked so fun, creative, and functional! I quickly ordered one from Michaels, and got two sticker books. As a kid, I loved stickers but never used them because I didn’t want to waste them. With The Happy Planner stickers, I don’t do that! I know I’m going to keep the planner because it isn’t just a planner to me, it is a space to express myself creatively. I enjoy taking some time each Sunday to decorate and plan my week. The Happy Planner is inspirational, motivational, and functional at the same time. One of the best things about it I think, is that it is customizable because of the discs, you can easily move pages around, add things in, and just reorganize to match your needs.

Now, I have five planners, each with their own distinct purpose. If you are interested here are the planners I have and what they are for:

  • Classic Hand Drawn Whimsy - I can’t find a link for it anymore because it is a July 2018-December 2019 planner. This is the first Happy Planner that I purchased and I am using it for to-do lists and notes.

  • Classic Happy Moments - I am using this for work and plan to use the top box for my meeting schedule and the bottom two boxes for to-do lists and notes.

  • Classic Girl Gang - I decided to get another planner to use specifically for my blog and Instagram.

  • Mini Abstract Watercolor - My mom got me this one for Christmas. I’m going to use it to keep track of meals and create a fitness schedule for myself.

  • Classic Faith Warrior - I decided to get this to try something new this year and faith journal. I’m excited about using this planner.

Now, you are probably thinking to yourself that maybe I’m a bit planner crazy. I wouldn’t recommend starting out with this many planners if you are new to planning, it can get overwhelming. The simple answer to how to find the right planner for you is to select one that you get excited about picking up each day. One that motivates you to accomplish your dreams and helps you plan things out. If it doesn’t meet this criteria, then you won’t use it and it will end up sitting on your desk for months untouched.

Happy planning!