How to Cheer Yourself Up

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When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.

Bad days. We all get them, and it impacts each of us differently. It can be so easy to wallow in that pain and allow it to overtake your thoughts about the state of your life. The strength to pick yourself up and fight through the pain looks different for everyone. 

For me, it can be hard to sit and wallow for too long. I don’t like feeling unproductive, but at the same time, I know I need to process the emotions to fully move past them. 

Allow yourself to feel the pain and wallow. 

Remember in Gilmore Girls when Rory breaks up with Dean and wants to tackle everything on her to-do list? Lorelai tries to get her to wallow with a pint of ice cream and sappy movies, and for a while Rory resists. When she finally allows herself to feel her emotions she can start to heal and move on. Now that example is specifically about a breakup, but there are so many instances that you need to allow yourself to wallow and experience the emotions you keep trying to push down. 

Now, pick yourself up and repeat a mantra. 

Now that you’ve felt sorry for yourself, it’s time to start healing and moving past it. As easy as it is to dwell on negative situations, don’t. Start small and repeat a mantra a few times to yourself. It can be about anything but keep it positive. 

Turn to your favorite activity. 

This can be anything from watching TV, reading a book, dancing your heart out, going for a walk, chatting with a friend, putting on a face mask, etc. As long as it gets you up and is something positive that you enjoy doing, it can help cheer you up! 

I’ll leave you with this, everything comes in waves, both good and bad, and we need to experience bad days to appreciate the good ones. Hang in there and please don’t be afraid to see a professional for help if you need some extra support!