Anxiety Self-Care Guide

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Your breathing is your greatest friend. Return to it in all of your troubles and you will find comfort and guidance.
— Unknown

I am currently writing this post after experiencing some major anxiety. I started outlining it yesterday when I was not experiencing any feelings of anxiety, so it is interesting to see that I did use some of the tactics on the list below. Feel free to use the list below as your point of inspiration and mix and match different things. You don’t have to complete everything on it and in the order that it is written.

Now, I’m not a healthcare professional, and if you need the help, please see one. I actually recently started seeing a therapist and find that it is helping me tremendously. I used Psychology Today to find a therapist in my area, however, I know that there are also online resources to speak with a therapist via an app or on Skype.

Okay, let’s get into the article now!

Take a deep breath

Sometimes in moments of anxiety, it can be hard to breathe properly, and the idea of taking a deep breath seems impossible. If you can, try to take a few deep inhales and exhales. While doing so, picture your thoughts floating like clouds out of your head. I like to take three deep breaths and do my cross at the same time to help me relax.


When feeling anxious or stressed, it can be really helpful to write your thoughts down in a journal. Spend some time getting everything that is upsetting you in your head down on paper. Sometimes seeing things from a different perspective can bring some clarity. If you are out and don’t have your journal with you, open up your Notes app and write your thoughts in there.


Meditation can help you focus on your breathing, and depending on the session you are doing it can walk you through your feelings. I absolutely LOVE the Calm app/website. In my opinion, it is the best meditation app that I have tried. Calm has sessions designed specifically for anxiety, stress, personal growth, self-care, relationships, etc. They also have sleep stories, which are awesome if you have trouble falling asleep because you are worrying/stressing/experiencing anxiety. Usually, I’ll fall asleep before the story has even finished and wake up feeling refreshed.


I turn to prayer in times of anxiety as well. Like I mentioned above, I’ll do my cross while taking some deep breaths. I will also say a prayer for God to help me through the anxiety and realize that everything will be okay. Going to Church also helps me calm my thoughts.

Watch your favorite show

If you are having a hard time stopping focusing on your thoughts, put on your favorite TV show, YouTube video, or read a good book. I find that doing something else that requires my attention can help. Now, sometimes, I’ll put on the show, and it won’t help because I still feel distracted, but that’s the beauty of the list, pick and choose what works for you.

Put on some music

Depending on the mood you are in, music can help you stay in it or get out of the mood. Sometimes, I like to listen to really uplifting music when experiencing anxiety, and I’ll try to dance it out. Other times, listening to uplifting music will make me feel more anxious, so I will put on a soothing playlist or even listen to church hymns.

Get some rest

If you can, try to get some rest. The Calm sleep stories can help get your mind focusing on something else, and they guide you through some deep breathing. I usually find that getting a good night’s rest puts things in perspective.

As I keep mentioning, not everything on this list works 100% of the time, but that’s the beauty of the list. Pick and choose what works for you. Sometimes certain things on the list work more than others, and the next time different things will work for me. Remember, these feelings will not last forever, and it is okay to seek professional help.