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About Stephanie

Hello! You could say that this blog has been years in the making. I started a version of it in June of 2014 and kept it going for four years through numerous life changes. This past summer, shortly after I turned 24, I realized that I didn’t know what I wanted out of life. I started to feel a bit hesitant about sharing such personal thoughts out into the great wide abyss we call the Internet. So, one day I deleted my work.

A few months later, I started getting the feeling that I should blog again. I wasn’t seeing anything out there that shared what was going on in my life, something that I’m hoping I’m not alone in experiencing.

You see, 24 is a funny age. Somehow, you are expected to go from learning all day every day to scheduling meetings, sitting at a desk for 8-hours a day, and commuting. Navigating the professional world is confusing, and most of the time people will confuse you for an intern. You still feel like a child in some aspects, yet when you are around people younger than you, you couldn’t feel more old! You are (or know people who are) single, in serious relationships, engaged or married; in established careers and have a 10-year roadmap planned out; don’t know what you want out of life or are about to make a major career shift; and potentially you fall into a little bit of every category.

No matter which category you fall in, the hard part is not looking at the other group and thinking, “What if…” or “Why them…” or “Why can’t I…” or “Why don’t I have…”

About | stephanie

These are a few of my favorite things

- Deep conversations on long car rides

- Puppy cuddles

- Seasonal music playlists

- Getting lost in a good book with a cup of tea by my side and a blanket on my lap

- Capturing memories with pictures and videos

What I’m starting to realize is that you can’t find happiness in other people, jobs, or material things. It is up to you to make yourself happy. How? By letting your light shine. What does this mean? It means stop listening to the voice in your head (or people) that tell you, “You can’t do this or that because of x, y, and z.” It is going after your dreams, even if they scare you. Or just moving forward without having a clear-cut path in front of you. It’s knowing when to walk away from a situation that isn’t making you feel the best. It’s understanding that where you are in life right now is perfectly normal, even if it is different from what everyone else is doing or what you think you should be doing.

Five years into my twenties and I’m just starting to understand that although these years are messy, confusing, and heartbreaking, they are equally exciting and filled with possibilities and adventures. Although it sometimes feels like there is a secret roadmap that others you compare yourself to are following, there isn’t. Everyone has a different journey, and we should learn to understand that it’s okay if yours is different than someone else’s. There’s nothing wrong with you.

I hope you grab a cup of tea (or your favorite beverage) and can relate to my posts on navigating the professional world while maintaining a personal life and finding time to take care of yourself.

Remember, let your light shine and do the things that make you happy!