Hello and welcome! I'm Stephanie, a 24-year old lifestyle blogger, vlogger, and PR associate based in New Jersey. My blog name comes from my initials, Stephanie Margaret Orfanakos, and the desire to find little moments of happiness each day. I started S'MOre Happiness in June of 2014 as a creative outlet, and it has continued to be a source of creativity for me. I've always enjoyed photography, writing, and filming videos so this space combines that all for me. 

S'MOre Happiness originally started out as a space to share thoughts on college and transitioning to post-grad life. Now, I blog about confidence, growth, organization, and self-care. I think each aspect plays an important role in life. I hope that S'MOre Happiness inspires you to do more of the things that make you happy, surround yourself with positive people, and accomplish your dreams.

I love going on adventures, reading helping others, spending time with Travis (my boyfriend), hanging out with friends & family, doing Zumba & Yoga, and playing with Penny (my dog). Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the Internet :)

- Stephanie